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VLOG Episode 39. I climbed Aiguille Dibona in the Ecrins with my friends Luke, Kelly and Michelle. We went up the Visite Obligatoir route (TD+) – a cool adventurous sport route (or more chill with some trad gear).

To climb this classic Dibona route you can stay in the hut and get an early start – I would recommend this! if you are comfortable at the grade then it is just a sport route, if not so sure of run-outs then bring a light rack of cams.

After climbing Dibona I drive for 6 hours to Toulouse, fly to London, hire a car, go to Worcester for a wedding, drive back to London and fly out to America. It was a pretty mad couple of days!

The new vlogging camera I picked up is the Sony RX100 III – seems to be pretty good on first try. Apple also replaced my dying iPhone which was pretty useful… say good bye to terrible sound quality. Thanks for putting up with it without too many complaints!

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  1. Thank you for making these video’s, they make my day. I aspire to one day be as free spirited as you are. Your adventures are amazing!

  2. *Slashes finger
    *attempts to wipe blood on pants but fails
    *gives up and deals with it like a boss
    “Is the rock ok?”

    1. “Now it is time for the Summit German Techno Party”, aka SGTP. You can substitute German with Dutch if you’re not familiar with SGTP

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