Amtrak Vacations: Routes


Ever wondered what Amtrak Vacations was all about? Or what the difference was between “going it alone” and having an expert handle all of the details of your vacation?

In this Introduction to Amtrak Vacations video, VP of Sales Paul O’Meara will offer up tips on getting started in planning your next Amtrak Vacations journey!

11 thoughts on “Amtrak Vacations: Routes”

  1. Elizabeth Domas dice:

    The only 2 Amtrak train routes I have been on were the city of New Orleans and the Empire Service

  2. Ryan the kcs34 dice:

    You miss la pata Missouri

  3. Merlin and Murdoch Fan 783 dice:

    Is there actually a route going to Vancouver?

    1. Henry Dery MacNeil dice:

      yes the cascade

  4. Elizabeth Domas dice:

    I live in Memphis

  5. Elizabeth Domas dice:

    As well

  6. Elizabeth Domas dice:

    The Tetons

  7. Elizabeth Domas dice:

    I’ve been in Yellowstone before

  8. MAC DUNLAP dice:

    FINALLY found your youtube channel.
    I’m going to take a great circle run on amtrak around the U.S. in August.
    Will open up the channel One Eye Photo Guy for the 1st official Vlogs with daily posts on Youtube, IG & IGTV (bandwidth on cell permitting).
    I’m going in this order
    July 31st Amtrak lakeshore Limited to Chicago from Boston
    Aug 1st Arrive Chicago
    Aug 5th Amtrak empire builder to Seattle
    Aug 7th Arrive Seattle
    Aug 8th Amtrak Coast Starlight to Los Angeles
    Aug 9th Arrive LA
    Aug 10th Amtrak Sunset Limited to NOLA
    Aug 12th Arrive NOLA
    Aug 17th Amtrak Crescent to Bham
    Aug 17th Arrive Bham

  9. Noah Brannen dice:

    So hooked on Amtrak thanks to my son Noah

  10. Thomas#4812thmanfan Alpha And Omega dice:

    What about Amtrak Cascades

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