Analysing aircraft Flight Paths correctly. Flat Earth or Globe? Where do they make sense?


See my follow up on aircraft emergency diversions here.

I see many Flat Earth sites trying to understand why the flight paths are curved on a Flat Map.

The answer is simple – because a Flat Map is a distortion of the true shape of the Earth which is a Globe. Flight paths plotted accurately on a Globe make perfect sense.


11 thoughts on “Analysing aircraft Flight Paths correctly. Flat Earth or Globe? Where do they make sense?”

  1. Paul dice:

    God realised he Gave people brains that weren’t being used, so he decided one day he would go around repossesing the brains that weren’t being used.
    After hovering over America for a long long time he moved on.
    He was hovering over Australia and he saw this man playing a didgeridoo, oohhhhmbbboommba
    God said he is not using much brain’s, I will repossess half of what brains he has ,only to find out that this man could still play the didgeridoo no problem so God took another quarter of his brains and he could still play the didgeridoo no problem so God decided he would go for broke and repossess all his brains and the didgeridoo fell out the mans hands and all he could do after loseing all his brains was to say the Earth is Flat.

  2. Paul dice:

    Ask a flat earther to explain how Japan managed to attack Pearl harbour by surprise.
    And wait for a reply

    And wait for a reply

    And wait for a reply

    Are you still waiting?….I wonder why.

  3. Akm Haider dice:

    Hello everyone, I am not a flat Earth supporter but I teach geography. If I am not mistaken, you are saying that that path is a straight line but it is not.

    Great circles are straight line only two places, equator and meridians, when we keep earths poles intact.

    In a “geoid” shaped earth we can’t have both for great circles, while keeping the poles in their respective places.

    Therefore, if we want shortest distance, we can’t have a straight line and if we want straight line we can’t have shortest distance in a great circle except in equator and in the meridians.

    However, if we use any app or google earth, we can move the poles (in reality we can’t), we can show that great circle between Los Angeles to Makkah, Saudi Arabia is is a straight line, while moving the poles by moving the earth.

    I started flight training couldn’t continue, personal reasons but I teach students geography now.

    My students will watch this, so if I am wrong, please let me know.
    If I am incorrect, please correct me.
    Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Yes, some people here believe earth is flat!!!

    Thank you.

  4. 1HUNDREDPROOF dice:

    Funny how globetards have this insatiable urge to prove to FE’ers that we live on a spinning ball almost as if their whole reality is in imminent danger their limitation security fence of confort is at stake and they just can’t stand that other people in minority think that we live on a stationary plane all the FE discussions I have seen no one is trying to shove their beliefs down the throat of others but globetards have this immense insecurity and that’s all they aspire to do and in all honesty I empathize with that I would be mad too if I would start to doubt everything I thought I knew it’s a natural reaction to be salty you would think since 1958 at 21 Billion per year of tax payers money they could be kind enough to provide us a picture that is not a composite or better yet a video is that too much to ask? Apparently it is we have to rely on independent everyday people sending baloons to 120,000 miles in altitude and we haven’t seen a single I repeat a single curvature (assuming you laydown the fisheye lens pipe) as per NASA we should be able to see that at 35,000 miles of altitude with a 60 degree view (those balloons have 180 degree view) not only that you can feel a breeze of wind but guess what you can’t feels us spinning on our axis at 1650kmph nor around the sun at 65,000kmph the heliocentric model is like Santa Claus but for grown ups

  5. DJ DFC dice:

    I’ll just leave this here:

  6. Richard Brown dice:

    If you were in a plane and going one state to another and the earth was a spinning ball you would be descending every 3 to 6 minutes. If you didn’t do that your plane would go right into “Fake Space”. Totally impossible for the earth to be spinning at 1000 mph and spinning through space at 67.000 mph! Number one if your plane was spinning the same direction as the earth was, your plane would never make it to its location. Number 2 If your plane was going the opposite direction of the spinning globe it would not make it to its location.

  7. Richard Brown dice:

    Why doesn’t Pilots Understand that the Earth is Flat and Stationary and not a spinning ball??!!

  8. Grib Gaming dice:

    Wow… Good job on your one example. Pathetic. Also… Your accent is disgusting

  9. jamie fister dice:


    SUN DIALS prove you wrong.

    I know you tards can’t understand why and that’s the worst part about this whole mess you’ve started.

    1. Wolfie6020 dice:

      +Jamie fister. 100% agree. There is ample proof of the Globe but the average Flat Earther is not smart enough to understand it.

      Most of them struggle with third grade Math and basic 3D geometry.

  10. Joe Pastrami dice:

    After 1:36 of pure waffle, I lost the will to watch any more of this cack. I feel sorry for you living in Australia, but that don’t buy my thumbs up.

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