Top 10 Best American USA Road Trips HD


Top 10 Best American USA Road Trips

What road trip do you want to take? Post your thoughts in the comments below! – Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Best American USA Road Trips HD”

  1. Bryan Dover dice:

    No Poconos? No Smoky Mountains or Blue Ridge Parkway?

  2. Mx Cheng dice:

    Had finished most of them. US 202 is definitely the No.1 in my list. Stunning view.

  3. Lord Hugenstein dice:

    My fine lady and I LOVE to take road trips . but we like to call them ROADIE trips. . because she is always giving me the most righteous road head during our trips. In fact we have a little game we play. . where every time we cross a state line. . she has to suck me off!!!! Talk about fahrvergnugen. . . not THAT is driving enjoyment!!! And fear not. . I love to return the favor. . we always have a blanket in the trunk or back seat as well as a pick a nick basket as Yogie The Bear would say. . we often turn off the highway. . and lay the blanket out. . where I can munch on her sweet, pink melt in my mouth like fresh spun cotton candy pussy before stretching it to the max with my over sized magic wand. We try to be discreet by laying the blanket out in a corn field and such so we are a bit hidden. I remember a few years ago. . while driving from Las Vegas to Denver we pulled off the highway and laid our blanket out next to a horse corral. I was pumping away doggie style when suddenly a truck full of Indians drove up. While still pumping away I told the older gentleman I was sorry we were not trespassing or doing anything wrong. . we just pulled off the highway for a little fun. . . He assured me he was not worried about us being there. . he said the land belongs to everyone. . .he turned on the water to fill a corral and just asked that I turn it off for him in 30 minutes or when we left if sooner. I think it was his sons who were with him. . probably about 16 to 20 years old. . and I think the were pretty happy to have seen my fine lady on all fours getting pounded. . her big juicy titties swinging back and forth. Although we did cover up a bit while they were there. . . kind of draping or folding up one side of the blanket to cover most of her and a little bit of me. Nothing like some great outdoor fucking!!!! GIGGITY!!!

  4. Jerry Nall dice:

    US 50 Falcon NV to Ely NV.

  5. Myra Crosby dice:

    Monument Valley is in AZ. 🙄

  6. Tod Chapman dice:

    Your pronunciation of Mt Desert is incorrect. It is pronounced as dessert.

    1. Lord Hugenstein dice:

      Don’t be such a peckerhead Tod. . and why is it that guys named Todd. . and especially guys who spell it Tod are always such jagoffs??? Just like guys named sean are. . . . what’s up with that?

  7. Awng Sut dice:

    I don’t know Nebraska road is one of the best. I live there. When you go road trip, you can sleep in the car for five hours and wake up and you will still see the cornfield.

  8. 미국roadtrip364 dice:

    thanks for sharing this video. good info for the Florida and other NP’s

  9. Ulysses Enriquez dice:

    Montana is so beautiful. I wish I could go there some day

  10. Helen Pomerleau dice:

    You use hwy 101 on the map not hwy 1

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